Our scope covers the following processes

Sale, booking and operation of transportation of people for inbound tourism nationwide.

For which the transportation services of people are executed according to the requirements of our customers; reservation and operation of the services always monitoring that they are carried out as planned, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

We declare not to apply the requirement 8.3 Design and Development of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard due to the nature of our services because we do not design or develop new ways of transporting customers, but on the contrary, the company performs a standard transportation service.


Quality and Environmental Policies

In Illapa Culturas Andinas Inversiones S.R.L. we are dedicated to organize and customize trips to sell, book and operate tourist packages in different tourist destinations such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, under an Integrated Management System that guarantees that our activities are developed under controlled conditions of quality, socio-environmental responsibility, safety and health at work, risk control and continuous improvement.

For this Illapa Culturas Andinas Inversiones S.R.L. assumes the following commitments:

Improve processes

To permanently seek the continuous improvement of processes, through the participation, involvement, motivation and training of our personnel towards the achievement of excellence in the service we provide.

Protecting our heritage

To protect the cultural and natural heritage where our services are developed, managing the significant environmental aspects in order to prevent any type of environmental contamination or heritage affectation.

Risk prevention

Cultivate thinking based on risk prevention in all our processes to ensure the quality of our services and responsible environmental management.

Satisfying needs

To meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients, creating authentic and personalized experiences through cultural immersion.

Meet requirements

Comply with legal and other requirements applicable to the organization.

Sustainable development

To promote the sustainable development of the population where Illapa Culturas Andinas Inversiones S.R.L. services are developed.


Management Policies

Our management policies ensure safety, proper maintenance and customer satisfaction in our transportation services.



We promote sustainability by reducing emissions, implementing green technologies and providing environmental education to our employees and customers.